SLX BFG 88 Ceramic Coated Grinder


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    The SLX BFG 88 features the same top-of-the-line features as the original SLX herb grinder, only it holds more herbs. This grinder is 3.5 inches wide, giving it the capacity to fit up to 5-grams of herbs in one shot. If you’re a regular smoker of the herb, this grinder can be a game-changer because you’ll spend less time grinding and more time smoking! This 4-piece grinder is made of durable medical-grade aluminum and it features a non-stick ceramic coating and a removable sifter screen. It uses a series of 57 sharp teeth to easily shred through the mightiest of nugs! Grinding your herbs is easy with this high-quality grinder that contains no teflon or PTFE. It’s easy to use and a cinch to clean, making it the perfect travel piece. It’s available in Black, Leaf Green, and Purple Haze.

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