Skilletools Gold Series MINI Dab Tools


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    If you’re a dabber, you should use a dabbing tool. A dab tool will make it easier to dab and will help you get the most out of your materials. Nobody does dab tools like Skilletools.This American brand is an industry leader that’s made the dabbing world sit up and take notice. All its dab tools are innovative, functional, durable, and made from quality materials.This brand’s Gold Series Mini Dab Tools includes Dr Dab, Flexy, Honeybun, Mr. Dabalina, and Scoop Dogg. Each mini dab tool is uniquely shaped and has a different tip on the end. These discreet 3-inch long tools are made of durable gold metal and come with handy keychain rings. You can hook the miniature dabbing tools onto your keychain or loop them around your backpack or purse and never forget your tools again.Choose your favorite or pick up a few to ensure you always have the right dab tool for the material you’re dabbing.

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