Sean Dietrich “Honey Hatter” Silicone Dab Mat


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    If you’re dabbing and not using a dab mat, you’re most likely making a mess. Maybe you’re using your trusty rolling tray or dabbing right on your nice table. You need a dab mat and you need one pronto!When you use a dab mat, it will prevent shatter, wax, and other concentrates from ruining your table. A dab mat also provides a safe surface to keep your dab tools while they’re sticky. This dab mat features a totally lit design from artist Sean Dietrich. Well-known as an artist who live paints at festivals, concerts, and other events, Dietrich’s pieces are wildly popular & highly sought after.This Sean Dietrich Dab Mat – Honey Hatter feature’s Dietrich’s take on the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland smothered in honeycombs and dripping honey.It’s a lightweight, easy-to-clean, non-stick dab mat measuring 8.25″ X 10″ that’s made of food grade silicone. This is a dab mat you’ll love using and showing off to friends!

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