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    Ooze took the storage globe design you’d find in a rich old explorers library and shrunk it down to size and added some pyramid teeth to create the awesomely unique Saturn Globe Grinder!The Saturn Grinder is constructed from the finest airplane-grade aluminum so you know it’s durable, and your dry herbs don’t stand a chance against those sharp teeth within the planet’s core. An anodized finish coats Saturn’s exterior preventing scratches and keeping your choice of color shining bright like a star in the sky. The Saturn Grinders “Ring” is designed like an easy to grip gear, making the act of grinding your herbs and taking the grinder apart much easier than without the ridges. The top of the sphere features a storage compartment for your dry herbs pre-ground, and below is where your ground herbs and kief live after meeting the pyramid-shaped teeth in the center. The Saturn Grinder is top-notch, looks cool, and comes in such an incredible variety of colors you might have to get the whole solar system!

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