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    Whether you grow your own herb or buy it, it deserves to be treated right. When it’s time to shred and grinder your herb, you should use a top-notch herb grinder like this medium-sized 3 Piece Herb Grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder. This durable, great looking grinder is made from a single piece of high grade CNC aluminum in Santa Cruz, California. Unlike cheap, substandard grinders that often smash and gnarl herb, this little unit provides you with perfectly ground herb every time you use it. Your weed will come to a nice fluffy consistency that’s perfect for your custom rolls. Instead of using sharp pointed teeth, this 3 piece aluminum herb grinder uses a series square teeth that shred and grind in multiple ways. There won’t be any big chunks in your ground herb nor any pieces stuck between the teeth that get left behind. Every bit of the herb you load in the grinder gets worked over well by the square teeth. The top of this medium sized grinder is held securely in place with a high quality strong magnet. Under the tooth section of the grinder is the herb/spice chamber. The Santa Cruz Shredder 3-piece medium herb grinder is quality from top to bottom.At just 2.2 inches wide, you can slip this grinder in your pocket or toss it in your purse for on-the-go grinding. It’s available in several amazing colors. Pick your favorite and enjoy using one of the best portable herb grinders on the market today.

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