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    Born with a Golden SpoonNot just a fashionable accessory, The Royale G Luxury modular Grinder is state of the art from top to bottom.Like a Rolex or BMW the Royale G is crafted from only the highest grade materials available, and designed to perfection to create the ultimate grinding experience. Royale G grinders are CNC machined from aerospace grade lightweight aluminum that NASA would be jealous of. Not only supremely durable, Royales are processed through two anodization phases and the result is a smooth fashionable finish. Rather than filthy scrapper hidden in your keef chamber like a broom in a basement. The Royale G features a fitted golden spoon that hangs elegantly from the side of the grinder when not in use. Your herbs are not only shredded in style, but also live in posh with the Royale G, with 2 storage spaces to seperate various herb strain or combine the caps of either to create a convenient compact storage chamber for your concentrates. Royale G Grinder Standout FeaturesGold Spade – Acts as a spoon to navigate your herb to the bowl or paper with complete control. No sticky fingers. No allergic reactions. No spilled bud.Razor Sharp Teeth – Teeth at the bottom chamber are pointed to puncture your herb.Ergonomic Grip – Designed longer than most, it slips right into the palm of your hand for easy gripping. Twist the knurl cap with gentle friction and effortlessly grind away.Modular Design – Conveniently-sized grinder is ideal for life on-the-move, offering portability and a size-adjustable design.Removable Mesh Screen – Don’t miss out on potent kief. Easily unclog your screen to guarantee the collection of high quality pollen.5 Piece Grinder- Additional airtight storage compartment is provided to keep your bud fresh. Add it onto the existing model to separate strains. Combine the lids to create a premium concentrate storage.Neodymium Magnets – The strongest magnetic material on Earth secures the lid of your grinder and storage jars keeping your materials safe and sound. Royale G Grinder Kit Includes:x1 Designer Built-In Scoopx2 Storage Compartmentsx2 Removable Mesh Screensx2 Concentrate Storage Lids Whether you’re looking for the best means by which to grinder your dry herbs finely or simply enjoy the finer things in life, The Royale G Luxury Grinder is the piece for you.

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