Roast & Toast Double Cheeseburger Ceramic Stash Jar


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    Piled high with double layers of goodness, this 4-inch tall and 3-inch wide ceramic stash jar looks like a tasty double cheeseburger that’s good enough to eat with a bun, patties, melted cheese, lettuce, and ketchup. Yum! This ceramic stash jar is ideal for storing your herbal products or your coffee, tea, spices, or anything you want to keep fresh and protected from light. The jar has a tight-fitting cork lid on top of the ‘sesame seed bun’ that’s easy to put on and take off.With its budget-friendly price, this cheeseburger stash jar makes a great inexpensive gift for any burger-lover who’d love having a fun & colorful stash container. It comes in a clear display box that’s perfect for gift-giving. Grab one for yourself and another for a friend.

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