Pulsar On The Go Quartz Dab Straw Kit – 12 Pack


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    Made for taking quick and discreet dabs whenever and wherever you like, the On the Go Quartz Dab Straw Kit by Pulsar has everything needed to dab when out and about. This 12-piece display is a great product for a smoke shop or dispensary. It contains 12 dab straw kits in assorted colors. Each kit contains a quartz dab straw with a protective silicone exterior and cap. The dab straw is kept safely secure with the included flexible silicone casing. The removable cap covers the dab tip during travel and contains a removable glass storage container for concentrates. The dab straw is 5-inches long and the whole kit with the cap attached comes in at just 6.75″ making it perfectly portable. The user can toss the kit in their backpack or bag and hit the road running! Enjoying dabs when out and about is easy and fun using the On the Go Quartz Dab Straw Kit! Dab Straw dimensions: 5 Inches Straw Kit w/ Cap 6.75 InchesStorage Dish Dimensions: 30mm x 18mm

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