Pulsar All in One Station Dab Rig V4


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    Experience the ultimate in convenience and style with the All in One Station Dab Rig V4 by Pulsar – your go-to dab rig and dab station seamlessly merged into one beautiful boro glass package!Standing at a sleek 7.5 inches tall, this dab rig is not just about aesthetics – it’s designed for functionality. With a 14mm female joint and a fixed downstem, this rig ensures a stable and reliable setup. The 12-arm tree percolator takes your dabbing experience to the next level, providing smooth and flavorful hits.But wait, there’s more! This all-in-one station doesn’t just stop at being a dab rig. It comes with built-in storage for your dab tools, cleaning buds, and isopropyl alcohol, keeping everything you need within arm’s reach.To complete the package, included is a 14.5mm male quartz banger, ensuring you’re ready to dive into your dabbing sessions. This dab rig/dab station ships in varying colors, depending on availability.

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