Pulsar 4mm Borosilicate Dab Dish


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    Dabbing on silicone is perfectly safe but it somehow doesn’t seem right…right? For the purest dabbing experience, pick up this Pulsar Glass Dab Dish. This premium glass dab dish is 3.5″ wide and made of 4mm thick borosilicate glass that’s extremely durable. This nice & thick dab dish features built-in flared dab tool rests rests for your favorite vapor straws, nectar collectors, etc. This little durable dish features a smooth, non-stick surface imprinted with Pulsar’s ‘Enjoy Higher Culture’ famous catchphrase. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it’s functional. The beautiful Pulsar Glass Dab Dish is the perfect addition to any dabbing setup. Nab yours today.

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