Piranha Medium 2.5″ 4-Piece Grinder


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    The Piranha 4-piece 2.5″ grinder is the new and improved version, complete with a new logo. This compact and powerful anodized aluminum grinder effectively shreds dry herb like piranha fish destroy their prey. The simple 4-piece construction of this grinder is all about durability and efficiency. The grinder’s secure magnetic lid ensures a fine grind and razor-sharp teeth that consistently grind your dry herb, even if it’s sticky. There’s a screened bottom that allows the fine pollen and kief to fall through to the collection tray for your later retrieval. The Piranha 4-piece grinder is pocket and purse-friendly. It comes in a wide assortment of great-looking colors. This little but mighty grinder makes the perfect gift for any dry herb smoker so pick on up for yourself and another to give as a gift.

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