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    Soar higher than the clouds with the Ooze Ozone! This installment of our 4-in-1 hybrid series resembles the classic Ooze “O”, with a silicone base and large borosilicate glass reaction chamber to watch the hit milk before it hits your lungs. Leave the silicone mouthpiece connected to use it as either a bong or a dab rig, or pull it out and insert the titanium nail to use the dab straw feature. The Ozone can be used with both CBD and hemp flower, concentrates, and 510 thread oil cartridges.
    We include our redesigned 90° thermal banger and silicone-wrapped Armor bowl. Pop the glass bowl out of the Armor bowl to reveal the vape pen insert. This allows either a flat or round mouthpiece of a 510-thread oil cartridge to attach for a super smooth, water-filtrated hit of your Ooze pen! The base features a slot for the nail and the banger, so all accessories can be stored together and keep your smoking station neat and tidy. Take a peek underneath the base to find the silicone concentrate jar tucked away for bonus storage. The Ozone also comes with a borosilicate glass bowl to dab out of with the dab straw.Our 4-in-1 devices are incredibly unique, you really can’t find products like this anywhere else! Wow your customers with versatile pieces that allow them to enjoy whatever they bring home from the dispensary. We package the Ozone in a box with a large front window to show customers exactly what they’ll receive with their purchase. We recommend displaying all color options together for maximum impact!Product Features:Water pipe function with Armor Bowl
    Compatible with 14mm & 18mm down stems
    Dab rig function with 90° thermal banger
    Vape pen function with Armor Bowl
    Dab Straw function
    Titanium nail and borosilicate dab dish included
    Silicone base storage
    Titanium nail holder
    Banger holder
    Non-stick silicone container
    Available in colors: Aqua Teal, Scarlet, Ultra Purple, Chameleon and Rasta

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