ONGROK 5 Piece Storage Grinder


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    If you think there isn’t a portable grinder out there that can handle your grinding and storage demands, you haven’t met the 5 Piece Storage Grinder from ONGROK. This multi-chamber grinder features sharp, pyramid-shaped teeth to evenly grind your herb into the perfect consistency. The grinder is crafted from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum for extreme durability. It has a deep storage chamber on board with an airtight lid and an O-ring seal to preserve freshness. This large 5-piece grinder is innovative too as it uses a quarter turn locking function, making it easy to open and access your herbs. A strong neodymium magnet holds the lid in place for your peace of mind. The grinder also features a removable screen for easy and fast cleanup. The grinder’s storage chamber has a 3.5-gram capacity so you don’t have to empty it often if you don’t want to. Included is a guitar pick scoop and a brush for easy kief retrieval and cleaning. This heavy-duty portable grinder comes in several colors so you can easily find one you like.

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