NEU 9″ Showerhead Dab Rig Pipe with Banger


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    The Neu Glass 9-inch Showerhead Water Pipe is a great looking piece that’s designed to help you get the most enjoyment from your favorite concentrates. This all-glass rig is outfitted with a showerhead percolator that shoots water just like a shower for awesome airflow that results in silky smooth hits you’ll swoon over. This handsome rig comes with a 14mm male 4mm thick quartz thermal banger. It’s constructed of thick high-quality glass and features a wide stable base.With the Neu Glass logo on the chamber and color accents on the bent neck and base, this elegant rig has all the features you need to enjoy your concentrates in style. When you have this handsome rig, you’ll want to set it out on display to admire when you’re not using it. This Showerhead Water Pipe by Neu Glass is 14″ of pure awesomeness. It’s available in three color choices: Jade, White, and Black. Pick your favorite and nab yours today.

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