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    The Mini Jig Dab Rig is feature-packed mini rig with a base-connected percolator, a single uptake recycler, and an integrated storage jar.
    The half-egg-shaped percolator ensures even bubble distribution, enhancing the flavor of your chosen substance. It’s conveniently placed at the base of the downstem for easy cleaning. The single uptake recycler provides optimal air pressure for impressively smooth and flavorful vapor.
    The Mini Jig also boasts a built-in storage jar with a silicone cap, perfect for housing concentrates for convenient, on-the-go dabbing. The cooled vapor passes through a discreet splash chamber, ensuring a potent, flavorful hit at a pleasant temperature with minimal harshness and drag.
    Although designed as a concentrate rig, the Mini Jig seamlessly accommodates your favorite herbs and distillates. All you need is a compatible 10mm bowl. Just remember to clean your rig before switching back to concentrates. Experience the best in flavor and convenience with the Mini Jig.
    Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass
    Joint: 10mm
    Dimensions: 5.5in x 3.75in x 3.5in
    What’s in the box:
    Mini Jig Mini Dab Rig
    Mini Rig Standard Quart Bucket
    Flat Carb Cap
    Stainless Steel Mini Dab Tool
    This product and all products on this site are intended and sold for legal purposes only.
    What Is the Mini Jig Dab Rig?MJ Arsenal’s Mini Jig offers a fun and easy way to get your dab on. This incredible miniature dab rig is a favorite with collectors, as well as casual smokers who want the ease and convenience of a compact piece in their lives. Either way, the Mini Jig is an exquisite little rig that delivers in a big way.
    Why Everyone Loves the Mini JigEach Mini Jig is hand-crafted from premium borosilicate glass that is lead-free, heat resistant, and eco-friendly. Its eye-catching design and integrated storage jig (at MJ Arsenal, the combination of a jar and a rig is a “jig”) are a big plus for fans.
    It’s Compact and Convenient
    This dab rig has a footprint that’s 5.2 inches tall and 2.4 inches broad, providing ample surface area for optimal ventilation while preventing drag and harsh hits on your throat.
    Many people believe that bigger pieces smoke better because they contain more water. This is completely untrue. Massive pieces don’t enhance the potency of your hits at all-they simply take more time to clean, and who needs that?
    The Mini Jig solves this problem by offering a space-saving solution that doesn’t sacrifice taste. Less air means more flavor, and the MJ Mini Jig purifies draws to perfection within a tiny package to conveniently liberate your senses. And, of course, its smaller size makes the Jig easy to clean.
    The Jig Is a Smooth OperatorThe Mini Jig is also simple to operate, making it perfect for travelers who don’t know what the day’s journey will bring.
    When you fill the pipe with your substance, light it up with a torch lighter while breathing deeply through it. The bubbling action creates more filters for your water and improves air pressure to give you smooth, powerful hits every single time. This helps your MJ Arsenal Mini Jig deliver exceptionally cool vapor.
    The single uptake recycler configuration is built on top of a base-connected percolator to keep your terpenes fresh for optimal flavor transfer and potency with each hit.
    The vapor disperses and passes through the recycler chamber, with the cooled hit traveling through the uptake arm and draining through the side-arm (which offers a little extra convenience for gripping the rig, too).
    Don’t just take our word for it-check out what our customers have said about their Mini Jig dab rigs.
    “I love my little jig, hits nice and smooth!” – Thomas E, Verified Buyer
    “I’ve had many MJ Arsenal products. This is my favorite so far.” – Casual, Verified Buyer
    “The storage container is awesome and the function is great.” – Ry, Verified Buyer
    “If you’re looking for a daily rig, or a portable travel piece, look no further because this piece will treat you right.” Devin M, Verified Buyer
    MJ Arsenal Mini Jig FeaturesThe Mini Jig is the third-tallest rig we offer, giving you plenty of room to jig while enjoying all the flavor a mini rig has to offer. Like every MJA rig, the MJ Arsenal Mini Jig is made with high-quality glass and expertly crafted by our talented glassblowers.
    The compact, elegant design makes it easy to transport. But don’t let its small size fool you-this rig packs a powerful punch, producing enormous clouds with every rip.
    It’s also fully loaded with everything it needs to deliver the best dabbing experience to date. Check out some of its finest features below.
    Splash Guard
    We built a splash guard into the piece to prevent water from being sucked up by your mouth. All you have to do is fill up the Mini Jig with your favorite smoking substance, heat it with a torch lighter, and inhale through the mouthpiece. As long as you haven’t over-filled your rig, you won’t have any splashback. If you’re not sure how much water to use, check your Mini Jig box for our recommended fill level.
    Oil Catch
    This piece also contains an oil catch to block all of your excess oils and concentrate mess that would otherwise dirty your water. The catch is right under the receiver, keeping the oil close to the opening for easy cleaning and reclaiming.
    However, with an MJ Arsenal carb cap, you’ll enjoy restricted airflow, which helps prevent leakage from the banger into the downstem. This means your oil catch fills up even more slowly-a sure sign that you’re getting a full hit out of each dab.
    Base Connected Perc
    The Mini Jig’s base-connected percolator provides even more cooling to your smoke, bringing out the flavors of any substance you decide to put into it. The percolator’s simple half-egg shape distributes bubbles evenly throughout your rig, ensuring that you only experience the best flavors your product has to offer.
    This sleek design also makes your rig easier to clean. The percolator sits right at the base of the downstem, meaning it’s easy to reach with some isopropyl alcohol or a mild heat source for cleaning purposes.
    Single Uptake Recycler
    The Mini Jig is also equipped with a single uptake recycler, giving you impressive air pressure to rip the best clouds possible. The Mini Jig delivers elite water filtration for your vapor before it reaches your mouthpiece for an awesomely smooth experience.
    This recycler configuration also helps to maximize the amount of vapor you can take in with each rip. By pulling the vapor through your recycler before it reaches the mouthpiece, your hit is cooled off even more, so it’s not as harsh when it reaches your throat.
    Integrated Storage Jar
    This rig comes with an integrated storage jar that you can use to keep your smoking products within easy reach. The included silicone cap affixes to a small opening on the side of the rig that safely houses concentrates while you dab.
    The affixed storage jar is designed to fit a small amount of your favorite smoking materials, giving you a level of convenience that’s hard to beat. You won’t have to worry about leaving any dabs behind when you’re on the go with the Mini Jig.
    Benefits of a Single Uptake Recycler Mini RigMJ Arsenal created the Mini Jig mini rig with cutting-edge technology in mind, and it outperforms other dab rigs in its class.
    To boost the potency of every rip, the Mini Jig’s single uptake recycler arrangement is linked to a half-egg base percolator that creates awesome smoke diffusion.
    The hot vapor is dispersed in the recycler chamber and cooled. The cooled hit travels through a small splash chamber and into your mouth for maximum taste after passing through a low-key splash chamber.
    The base-connected perc of the Mini Jig produces bubbling action while reducing harshness and drag. If you enjoy bigger hits that are cooled down by the water in the percolator, this feature keeps your hit at a pleasant temperature.
    Remember that the Mini Jig is sold as a concentrate rig, but you can use your favorite herbs and distillates with this piece, too.
    All you need is a compatible 10mm bowl, and we’ve got the perfect flower bowl to fit any MJ Arsenal dab rig. Just be sure to clean your rig before switching back to concentrates for the optimal experience.
    Best Accessories for Your Mini JigTo get the best flavor and most bang for your buck, here’s everything you need for the ultimate MJ Arsenal dabbing consumption experience. And don’t forget to get on our email list for exclusive deals and the best rig prices on new releases.
    The Mini Jig dab rig needs a protective bag, and the MJ Arsenal Padded Zipper Pouch is ideal. It will keep your rig safe and prolong its lifespan.
    A carb cap helps you restrict airflow in the bucket, resulting in higher vapor pressure (and thus, more vapor). These caps are made of borosilicate glass, meaning they pair perfectly with every mini dab rig MJ Arsenal offers.
    It’s hard to dab without a dabber tool. We have them in small and large sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Both sizes include a heat-resistant gripper handle so you can work your wax no matter how hot it gets in the dish.
    Between hits, you can clean up your banger with the MJ Arsenal iso station. With space for your swabs and a chamber for extra dabs, this tool will keep your rig looking and smoking its best between full cleanings.
    This convenient station is also great for dabbing sessions with multiple people since your banger will gunk up that much faster.
    Speaking of bangers, we’ve also introduced a brand new line of reinforced half-weld and full-weld quartz buckets. Each pure quartz bucket features an extra-strength joint that provides a secure seal. The joint also covers more of the quartz to slightly improve heat retention.
    The Mini Jig stands on its own as an awesome rig, but it’s even better when paired with all the right dab accessories.
    Get Your Mini Jig Dab Rig TodayGet your dab rig and start enjoying sublime hits, high-tech functionality, and easy on-the-go consumption. The Mini Jig is a perfect dab rig for all the purists out there.
    Questions? Let us know what MJ Arsenal can do for you.

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