Mini Acrylic Skull Water Pipe with Built in Grinder Base


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    Perfect for parties, this colorful Mini Acrylic Skull Water Pipe has a built-in grinder in the base to cover all your grinding and smoking needs. You can drop this 7-inch tall bong or even toss it across the room and it will survive thanks to its durable acrylic construction and metal downstem and bowl. You don’t need to carry a grinder with you when you’ve got this pipe by your side. There’s a built-in herb grinder on the base that does a great job! The pipe separates from the grinder base to make cleaning a cinch. This affordable bong made of acrylic ships in varying colors. The color you get depends upon what’s available at the time you place your order. Claim yours today and enjoy using a 2-in-1 water pipe and grinder that delivers smooth water-cooled rips.

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