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    Mile High Cleaner’s DAB Drops Kit is a two-part formula that cleans wax, dabs, rosin, live resin, and all forms of concentrates from fabrics and it does it well! Regardless if you need to clean denim, silk, or anything in between, this is the cleaner for you! Everyone knows that dabs are sticky and messy. When a hot dab falls on fabric, it forms around the fibers, resulting in a hard spot that ruins clothing and seem impossible to remove. But it is possible to remove dropped dabs when you have the DAB Drops Kits. This kit dissolves and breaks up stains to remove dabs from any type of fabric you have! DAB Drops saves your clothes and it’s easy to use. You simply using Dissolve Formula 1 to dissolve the dabs down to the fabric fibers then Break-up Formula 2 to break up the dab so it washes away. It does all this naturally, safely, and effectively. There’s enough solution in this kit to clean 50 dab stains.

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