Medicali Large 4-Part Grinder


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    Ready to invest in a grinder that’ll last a lifetime? If you want something made from medical-grade anodized aluminum but don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars, this Medicali grinder is one of your best options.This virtually indestructible aluminum grinder has a large capacity, measuring a whopping 2.75 inches in diameter. That makes it perfect for at-home use when you want to shred a larger amount of herbs at once.The grinder has a 4-part design with a sifting screen and a deep pollen-collecting chamber. The top two parts are connected with a rare earth magnet for effortless turns. The grinder has diamond-shaped teeth that shred through the toughest buds easily, leaving you with a consistent, fluffy grind.The grinder has a stylish design with a textured grip. This stupendous grinder comes in several fantastic color options.

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