Lookah Seahorse X All In One Electric Dab Kit


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    The Lookah Seahorse X puts the power of water-filtered vaporization in your hands! This multi-use electric dab straw can be used for dabs, wax, or for 510 threaded cartridges.
    The glass percolator attachment is removable and easy to clean and makes every hit smooth and full of rich flavor. A variety of interchangeable tips means it can be used as a nectar collector, and the new Type III coil features a collecting tube with two layers of quartz covering the coil.
    The Seahorse X has a powerful 950mAh battery and variable voltage ranging from 3.2V to 4.1V so you can take quick rips for huge clouds or use a lower heat setting for a full flavor profile. An included silicone hose allows this dab pen to be run through water pipes with a 14/18mm joint adapter.
    This dab straw includes its own stand so you never have to worry about spills and messes. Replacement part links below.
    Seahorse X dab pen
    Tip/Coil cap
    Seahorse tube tip
    Seahorse quartz tip
    2x Quartz wax cups
    Glass mouthpiece
    Glass bubbler attachment
    (2) Stands/bases
    Joint connector
    510 Thread apater
    Dab tool
    Connection hose
    14/18mm hose adapter
    Cleaning brush
    USB charging cable
    User Manual

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