Kannastor Jar Body 4 Piece Grinder


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    The Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinder is a 4 piece grinder with a modular design. It’s made with anodized food-grade aluminum and will turn your herbs into fluffy particles in a matter of seconds, thanks to its diamond-shaped cutting teeth.The grinder’s modular design allows you to break it down into a portable 3-piece arrangement. The grinder’s screens are easily replaceable thanks to Kannastor’s patent-pending Easy Change Screen technology.This beastly grinder has a pollen chamber with a sifting screen and a magnetic lid that keeps it all together. The good people at Kannastor have also included a 60 mesh mono-filament screen element that provides the perfect pollen sift. You also get a free scraping tool. This grinder measures 2.5 inches and it’s absolutely brilliant.

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