Kannastor 4-Piece Jar Body Grinder


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    Loved by RYO enthusiasts for over a decade, the 4 Kannastör Jar Body Grinder features a clear glass jar that allows you to see what’s left. With its modern, modular design, the 4-piece Kannastör Original Multi-Chamber Grinder features a perfectly smooth and polished anodized aluminum base tray, a deep sifting bowl for an easy pour, and a unique drop-through design that prevents over-shredding. This Kannastör 4-piece grinder is outfitted with a replaceable screen. Its super- sharp precision teeth shred and grind your herb into the perfect, fluffy consistency that’s just right for rolling and packing. This is a durable and versatile grinder that can be broken down into a slimmer, more portable 3-piece unit by simply removing the sifting chamber. If you’re tired of opening your grinder in the morning to find nothing there but yesterday’s memories, get the 4 piece Jar Body Grinder so you always know what you’ve got left.Backed by Kannastör’s limited lifetime warranty, this awesome grinder is made to last. It’s available in two sizes: 2.2″ and 2.5″ and comes in Silver, Black, Gun Metal, and Rose Gold.

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