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    If you wonder what dabbing will look like in the future, take a look at The Wand Enail Dab Kit by Ispire. This induction e-nail dab kit replaces the outdated and costly heating method of butane and torch lighters.
    This sleek and portable e-nail dab kit includes the world’s first e-nail that uses induction heating. It provides you with the power to select your desired temperature for the perfect dabbing experience. With The Wand, you’re always in full control over your dabbing.
    When you have The Wand, you can dab without fire. This electronic nail is powered by a replaceable dual 18650 battery and offers precise temperature settings ranging from 250° to 800°F. The device features both auto mode and manual mode for more dabbing flexibility.
    With one of the included borosilicate glass bangers, The Wand creates a safe and easy dabbing experience by taking the torch out of the equation as well as the wires and coils found with other e-nails. Using an induction heating method, The Wand precisely heats the banger to your desired temp. Once the banger is at the perfect dabbing temperature, place the concentrate in the banger and take the perfect hit.
    The included boro glass bangers use inner cups made of the same material which heat efficiently and are easy to clean. The Wand is compatible with most bongs on the market today. Take your dabbing into the future and get the Ispire The Wand Enail Dab Kit.
    Features & Specs:
    Auto and Manual Mode
    Compatible with Most Bongs
    Dab Without Fire
    Electronic Nail
    Fits in a Backpack or Bag
    Included USB Charging Cable
    Induction Heating
    No Wires or Cables
    Replaces Butane and Torches
    The kit contains:
    The Wand
    1 Angled Banger
    1 Straight Banger
    2 Inner Cups
    1 Carb Cap
    USB C Charging Cable
    User Manual

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