HerbSaver Grinder and Storage Container


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    Easily grind, store, and collect with the colorful HerbSaver Grinder that comes in Mini (1.5″ x 2.5″) and Large (2.4″ x 3.8″) sizes and a multitude of bright & fun colors.This portable herb grinder is made of medical-grade, BPA-free polypropylene plastic (PP) which is the same chemical-free material used for sterilization containers. Every HerbSaver Grinder features a magnetic lid closure, super sharp grinding teeth, and a friction-fit mesh screen for easy cleaning and replacement.The grinder has a roomy storage area for your ground herbs and comes with one stainless steel pollen screen disc to get you started. Also included is a scraper tool for easy retrieval of all that precious kief.This grinder is water-resistant, odor-resistant, and durable, making it the perfect grinder for travel.

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