Hellboy 4-Piece Magnetic Aluminum Grinder


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    Paranormal superhero Hellboy has a hellishly good sense of what smokers need to enjoy their herbs. This Hellboy 4-Piece Aluminum Grinder is from the Hellboy collection and it’s designed to make easy work of grinding your favorite flower.The grinder has all the features you need to grind up your herbs quickly and efficiently including razor-sharp teeth, a magnetic lid, a pollen screen, and a nylon friction ring for easy grinding. Also included is a plastic pollen scraper for collecting all that valuable kief you can add to your joints later or consume as you please. Constructed from CNC aluminum, this black portable grinder is built to last. It’s decorated with a flaming Hellboy logo on the lid that looks badass AF. The grinder comes in its own Hellboy box that’s perfect for storage or gift-giving.

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