Guns N’ Roses “Attitude” 4-Piece Grinder


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    If you’re a fan of Guns N’ Roses and need a top-quality pocket-sized dry herb grinder, the Attitude 3-Stage (4 Piece) Grinder is for you. Featuring iconic GNR artwork on the lid, this little black grinder rocks hard! This 2-inch wide, three-stage aluminum grinder comes apart in 4 separate pieces. The bottom three pieces connect securely with standard metal threading while the top piece is held in place by magnets. The Attitude is fitted with sharp diamond-cut teeth that tear and fluff your herb to perfection. After your herb is ground, it will fall through the holes into the middle chamber for safe storage. There’s a mesh screen under the storage chamber that filters your most potent bits to the bottom level. Here is where you can collect all that goodness using the included scraper so you can add it to your bowls or joints later. The Attitude Guns N’ Roses grinder comes packaged in an attractive gift box. Get yours today.

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