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    Like the Chacma baboon that’s one of the largest and most powerful monkeys on the planet, the Green Monkey Chacma Grinder is a durable little workhorse constructed of zinc that makes grinding your favorite flower strains a breeze. The Chacma is a 4-piece herb grinder with a unique, ergonomic design resembling a chalice or goblet. It has an ashtray built into the lid with 2 grooves to rest your smokes while the center of the lid serves as the ash receptacle to catch the ash. At 2.48-inches in size, the sleek and durable Chacma fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. To use the Chacma grinder, lift the magnetic lid and insert a nug or two between the teeth layers then place the lid back on and twist. The top layer of the grinder clicks while it’s rotating to actively shred the flower, similar to the loud clicks or vocal signals used by Chacma baboons to communicate with one another. Once your perfectly ground herbs drop through to the next layer, unscrew the teeth from the base to collect your ground bud. There’s a bottom layer you can unscrew to find the leftover kief along with a handy scraper tool for easy kief removal.Destined to be your go-to grinder both at home and when out and about, the Chacma is a reliable and durable piece that makes prepping for a sesh a pleasure! The Green Monkey Chacma is available in multiple colors, making it easy to find one that matches your style.

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