Freezable Glycerin Dab Straw & Spoon Pipe


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    When you can’t make up your mind whether you want to smoke dry herb or dab your favorite concentrates, reach for the Freezable Glycerin Dab Straw & Spoon Pipe. This interchangeable dab straw & dry herb pipe is a versatile piece that’s super easy to use. If you want to do some dabbing, pop the glycerin-filled dab straw in the freezer so you can enjoy extra smooth, super-frosty rips of vapor.When you want to smoke dry herb, attach the glass pipe piece, load the bowl, fire it up, and take a hit. Included is a quartz dabbing tip, the glass spoon pipe attachment, and a joint clip to keep the pieces connected. You also get a 1.25″ silicone container for holding and transporting your goods. The dab straw section is a colorful piece with a glow in the dark accent marble. The unit measures 10.5 inches long when set up as a dab straw. It’s sold in awesomely random colors. Get yours today and enjoy the extreme versatility this kit offers!

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