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    When you use your fingers to break down your weed, the potent trichomes in the weed will stick to your fingers to reduce the potency of what you smoke. This makes an herb grinder a ‘must-have’ smoking accessory. This compact, durable, and slick Famous X herb grinder is just what you need. The 4-piece Famous X aluminum grinder makes easy work of grinding your herb until it’s the perfect consistency for rolling or packing. The bottom parts of the grinder screw apart very easily while the top part is kept together securely by the magnetized lid. Just pop your weed into the top of the grinder, put on the magnetic closure lid, and twist away. The precision-sharp wavy teeth will get to work shredding and grinding your weed. The pollen screen and kief catcher will filter and collect all the leftover bits of goodness you can retrieve later using the included pollen scraper. The compact, portable, easy-to-use Famous X herb grinder is available in several bold & eye-catching colors. Each grinder comes packaged in a branded gift box. Order yours today so you can make easy work of grinding your favorite strains.

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