D&J Grinders 4 Piece Grinder with Built-In Coil Lighter


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    Never worry about losing your lighter again with this combination grinder and coil lighter.Besides socks and people you love, lighters are probably the easiest things to lose. There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to smoke some mondo doobage and then patting your pockets to realize you are up a creek without a paddle. This way, your lighter is always right there with the rest of your sesh.This 4-piece grinder has sharp teeth and a smooth glide, making it formidable in its own right. But it doesn’t stop there. The mechanical grinder features a coil lighter under the lid, which activates with the press of a button once you slide open the spring-loaded top. The top then returns to its closed position by itself when not in use to ensure the only thing you’ll burn is a fat joint. It can be easily charged via an included micro USB cable.The 4-piece version separates the grinder and stainless steel screen filter into two sections, allowing for more efficient use as well as the option of scaling it down into a smaller travel-sized grinder.

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