Debowler Minimalist Silicone Ashtray


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    If you’re a regular water pipe or bong user, you’ll love the Debowler Minimalist Silicone Ashtray because it was made for people like you! This innovative ashtray features a central anodized aluminum cleaning spike so emptying bowls is as simple as a tap on the spike! The 4.25-inch wide ashtray’s minimalist design will fit into any decor. The Debowler is heat-resistant and features a platinum-cured silicone bowl.The Debowler will naturally suction to any dry clean surface to keep it stable during use. And since it sticks to a tabletop, you can empty and clean your bong bowls using one hand instead of two. When the Debowler needs a cleaning, just toss it in the dishwasher and it will come out like new!

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