Dabtized Beer Burner Bubbler Dab Straw / 10mm F / 7.75″


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    Dabtized Beer Burner Bubbler Dab Straw / 10mm F / 7.75″ Experience the ultimate dabbing convenience with our 7.75 inches long Glass bubbler dab straw. Its unique Beer bottle design with hemp-themed label decals makes it a stylish addition to your collection. The integrated showerhead perc ensures smooth and flavorful hits every time Comes in colorful packaging for an attractive presentation Includes a silicone & glass concentrate container & scrub brush for easy maintenance Equipped with a 10mm male quartz dab tip for efficient dabbing Multiple style options available to suit your preferences Elevate your dabbing experience with the Dabtized Beer Burner Bubbler Dab Straw, offering both style and functionality in one exquisite package.

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