Dab Out Silicone Dab Kit – Bulk Assorted 21 Pack


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    Dabbing enthusiasts love the White Rhino Dab Out Silicone Kit. Ideal for on-the-go dabbing, this kit consists of a 5.4″ tall storage case made of food-grade silicone that contains a White Rhino branded glass dab straw. The case offers on-board storage that features three separate divided sections for your dabbing materials. You can heat the glass dab straw tip and conveniently dab directly from the case because it’s made of heat-resistant silicone that won’t burn or melt. You can also put the dab straw away while it’s still hot since it won’t harm the case. When you place your order, you’ll receive a counter display box containing 21 Dab Out Silicone Dab Kits in an assortment of bright, multi-color designs. Available in Original and Glow color assortments.

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