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    When you use an ordinary hand-held portable grinder, it’s common to make a mess when you’re transferring your ground herb from the grinder to your bowl, cone, or rolling paper. That problem will be a thing of the past when you use the Cloudious9 Tectonic 9 Auto Dispensing Grinder. This clever grinder matches the reliability and durability of a traditional grinder with modern technology. Once the 28 CNC manufactured teeth have finished grinding your material to a fluffy consistency, a built-in vibrational motor moves your ground herb through the flip spout with accuracy so you don’t make a mess when loading your bowl, cone, or paper. Prior to dispensing your ground herb, the Tectonic9’s internal structure is designed to evenly distribute your material so there’s never a hassle with clogs and jams. There’s even an LED illuminated viewing window on this grinder that allows you to check your stash without opening the grinder. The Tectonic9 sports a space-grade anodized aluminum body with a sleek matt finish and a textured grinding grip. It’s super easy to use with its one-button user-friendly interface. Nestled inside the grinder’s base lies a 320 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you 60 to 120 uses per charge. Cloudious9 has reinvented portable grinding technology with the Tectonic9 and has set the bar high. Get yourself a Tectonic9 in your choice of multiple colors to make grinding and loading easier and more fun!

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