Cloud 8 Aluminum Lighting Teeth 4 Piece Grinder


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    The Cloud 8 Aluminum Lighting Teeth 4 Piece Grinder is where functionality meets style! Crafted from durable aluminum, this grinder is designed to make your cannabis experience a breeze. Measuring 2″H x 2.5″W in size and weighing just 5 ounces, it’s the perfect companion for your sessions.The sharp lighting-shaped teeth ensure a precise grind, while the magnetic transparent lid adds a touch of sophistication to your grinding ritual. With 4 chambers, including a removable mesh screen and kief catcher, this grinder is all getting the job done right. But that’s not all – this grinder isn’t just about looks; it’s also easy to clean and boasts a smooth touch for a seamless experience. The durable quality ensures that it’ll be your go-to grinder for the long haul. This hard-working, stylish grinder is available in numerous color choices.

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