Cabana Cannabis Co. 3 Stage Grinder – The Dawn


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    This hardtop grinder with the textured grip from Cabana Cannabis Co is called The Dawn 3 Stage Grinder and we’ll tell you why. The herb you put inside goes through a three-stage grinding process starting with the sharp diamond-shaped teeth. The ground up leftovers then go through the pollen screen underneath and the dusty kief lands in the pollen chamber on the bottom where it stays until you collect it using the included scraping tool. This 4-piece grinder is just 2.2 inches wide, making it perfectly portable. It’s constructed from solid metal for extra durability and features a magnetic lid closure to keep the contents secure. The matte metallic finish with the custom artwork on the grinder’s exterior is like icing on the cake. The grinder ships in a random color, depending on availability.

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