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    Ash With ClassGood for herb, oil, or cigarette butts, the Blazin’ Shatter Resistant Ashtray features incredibly strong glass, vibrant colors, and custom graphics in a variety of V Syndicate designs.This glass ashtray is perfectly sized at 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.5″ to rest just about anywhere. It works well on a dab pad to use for oil or a rolling tray to hold a blunt’s worth of ground herb. You can even use this glass tray for ashes, holding roaches or cigarette butts. Tempered Glass AshtrayThis drop-test tough ashtray is made possible with durable borosilicate glass. Created for the lab, this scientific material is shatterproof, holds shape well, and captures color forever. Gently raised sides to keep everything in the middle.The Blazin’ Glass Ashtray can be at the heart of your setup whether you’re smoking herb or dabbing oil. But to have a place to keep y0ur roaches, first, you need premium smoking gear- rolling papers, herb grinders, and more- to get to that sticky end.

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