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    Description the most of your daily grinds with the Bear 4 Piece Grinder. Made of sturdy aluminum and portable in size, this 4-piece grinder makes easy work of processing your herbs perfectly. This grinder’s patent-pending ‘Bear Mechanism” makes it spin with the slightest touch, so it’s never hard work to grind your flower. The bear mechanism is located on the outer edge of the grinder in a concealed space, so it never comes into contact with your flower. This means you’ll never have to hassle with trying to remove built-up particles, residue, or debris that can cause your grinder to jam.The dual-directional, quad-edged teeth and optimally-sized holes work in unison to shred your nugs without overprocessing. Plus, thanks to its quick release magnets, you never have to line up any threads when opening and closing the grinder. The second chamber is also a breeze to open and close because it’s magnetized. If you’re ready to enjoy a seamless grinding experience time after after, arm yourself with this 4 piece unit from Bear Grinder. It’s available in multiple colors, so you can easily find one to match your vibe. What’s Included: 1x Round Storage Box 1x Bear Grinder 1x Pollen Scraper 1x Extra Spinning Washer Guard 1x Extra Set of Ball Bearings

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