8″ Pump Color Glass Recycler Dab Rig


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    The 8″ Pump Color Glass Recycler Dab Rig is a stylish and functional piece designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable dabbing experience. Here are its key features:
    Stemless Joint: The rig features a stemless joint, providing a sleek and seamless look while ensuring a secure connection between the rig and the accessory.
    Drain Recycler: The rig is equipped with a drain recycler functionality, which helps to cool and filter the smoke for smoother hits. The recycler design also adds an aesthetic appeal to the rig.
    Flared Mouthpiece: The rig comes with a flared mouthpiece, offering a comfortable and ergonomic grip while taking hits.
    Direct Inject Joint Size: The rig is designed with a 14mm female direct inject joint, allowing for easy customization and compatibility with various accessories.
    Perc: INLINE Head Perc: The rig features an INLINE head perc, which provides excellent percolation and diffusion, resulting in smooth and filtered hits.
    Color Base & Mouthpiece: The base and mouthpiece of the rig are colored, adding a touch of visual appeal and personalization to the overall design.
    Bowl Included: The rig comes with a bowl, making it ready to use out of the box.
    Height: The rig stands at a height of 8 inches from the base to the mouthpiece, providing a comfortable size for dabbing sessions.
    Height to Top of Rig Joint: The distance from the base to the top of the rig joint is 5.5 inches, making it easy to handle and store.
    Actual Measurements May Vary: As with any handcrafted glass product, the actual measurements may slightly vary from the stated specifications, giving each rig its unique characteristics.
    The 8″ Pump Color Glass Recycler Dab Rig is a visually appealing and efficient piece, providing smooth and filtered hits with its INLINE head perc and drain recycler functionality. The flared mouthpiece offers a comfortable grip, and the colored base and mouthpiece add a personalized touch to the rig. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or new to the experience, this recycler dab rig is a great addition to your collection. Enjoy flavorful and smooth dab hits with this stylish and functional glass dab rig.
    8″ Pump Color Glass Recycler Dab Rig Features:Stemless joint
    drain Recycler
    flared mouthpiece
    Direct inject joint size: 14mm Female
    Perc: INLINE head Perc
    color base & mouthpiece
    Bowl Included
    Height from base to mouthpiece: 8″
    Height from base to top of rig joint: 5.5″
    Actual Measurements May Vary

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