7.5″ Mayflower Shower Head Glass Dab Rig


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    The 7.5″ Mayflower Shower Head Glass Dab Rig is a stylish and functional piece designed to deliver smooth and enjoyable dabbing experiences. Here are its key features:
    Height: The dab rig stands at 7.5 inches tall, offering a convenient size for comfortable dabbing sessions.
    Diffused Fixed Stem Design: The rig is equipped with a diffused fixed stem, meaning the downstem is incorporated into the piece and contains diffusion slits or holes. This design ensures efficient percolation and filtration of the vapor, resulting in smoother hits.
    Bent Neck with Flared Mouthpiece: The rig features a bent neck that helps prevent water from reaching the user’s mouth. The flared mouthpiece provides a comfortable and secure grip during use.
    Direct Inject Joint Size: The rig comes with a 14mm female direct inject joint, making it compatible with various dab nails or bangers.
    Perc: The rig is equipped with a showerhead perc, a popular type of percolator that features multiple slits or holes for effective diffusion and filtration. The showerhead perc provides excellent bubbling action and cools down the vapor for smooth hits.
    Colored Base & Mouthpiece: The base and mouthpiece of the rig are colored, adding a touch of style and uniqueness to the overall design.
    Height Measurements: The rig has a height of 7.5 inches from the base to the mouthpiece and 4 inches from the base to the top of the rig joint.
    Actual Measurements May Vary: As with handcrafted glass pieces, the actual measurements of the rig may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the product.
    The 7.5″ Mayflower Shower Head Glass Dab Rig is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and visually appealing rig for dabbing concentrates. The combination of the diffused fixed stem and showerhead perc ensures smooth and flavorful hits, while the colored base and mouthpiece add to the overall aesthetics of the piece. With its functional design and stylish appearance, this dab rig is sure to enhance your dabbing sessions.
    7.5″ Mayflower Shower Head Glass Dab Rig Features:Diffused Fixed Stem design
    Bent neck with flared mouthpiece
    Direct inject joint size: 14mm Female
    Perc: Shower Head Perc
    Colored base & mouthpiece
    Height from base to mouthpiece: 7.5″
    Height from base to top of rig joint: 4″
    Actual Measurements May Vary

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