6PC DISP – Fujima Diamond Silicone Ashtray – 4.5″ / Assorted Colors


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    Fujima Diamond Silicone Ashtray – 4.5″ / Assorted Colors Diamond Shape: The unique diamond shape adds a modern and elegant touch to the ashtray. Central Tapping Spike: Easily tap and clean your smoking accessories with the central tapping spike, keeping your ashtray tidy and ready for use. Integrated Storage Slots: Keep your dabbers and other smoking essentials organized with the integrated storage slots, ensuring everything is within easy reach. Built-in Cigarette Rests: The ashtray features built-in cigarette rests, providing a convenient spot to place your cigarettes between puffs. High-Quality Silicone: Crafted from durable silicone, this ashtray is easy to clean and resistant to heat, making it a long-lasting addition to your smoking collection. Elevate your smoking setup with the Fujima Diamond Silicone Ashtray, bringing together functionality and style in one essential accessory.

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