5″ Dab Rig Water Pipe Mini


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    Dab Rig Water Pipe Mini w/Quartz Banger
    This delightfully pocket-sized rig is made from handblown, borosilicate glass. This material is perfect for smoking accessories due to being able to withstand great temperature changes. Sitting only 5″/12.7cm in height, this rig ensures you get full flavor with every hit. Made with a fixed downstem, this rig is referred to as stemless, which means less consumable pieces. Fitting in the fixed downstem joint is the included 14mm glass-on-glass quartz banger, a revelation in dabbing accessories due to it being far more efficient and effective than old style nails and domes. In terms of cool hits, this little guy is smooth as silk. Not only does it have a small percolator in the chamber, it’s also a recycler. The water travels with the smoke and then returns to the chamber producing not only a cleaner hit, but also making it more potent and smooth. The best part is the clear body makes it easy to catch a glimpse of all the magic happening.

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