4 Inch Mini Pocket Dab Rig w/ Banger


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    New Addition! Mini 4 Inch Dab Rig, Your Go To Option Anywhere, Anytime!The 4″ mini dabber is perfect for on-the-go dabs or just a small piece for when you don’t want to break out your expensive and intricate glass.
    There is nothing complicated about this one, and sometimes simple is best! It features a small shower head perc in the chamber of the pipe which allows for a small amount of filtration before flowing up through the 45* neck and into your lungs.
    This is a personal favorite of our crew here at Dopeboo as it doesn’t take up much space and is a fast and reliable way to dab your favorite concentrates and then get on with your day. While it may not be the fanciest dab rig, it certainly packs a punch for it’s small stature and looks gorgeous while doing so. Loved the color details on the mouth and base of this rig.
    Dab Rig Details:4 inch dab rig, comes in several colors
    Includes banger
    Showerhead perc
    4mm thick glass
    Four color options: Royal Blue, Emerald, Amber and Pink

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