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    Elevate your dabbing experience with the 12″ Double Cosmos Clear Glass Dab Rig. This exceptional rig is designed to deliver smooth and flavorful hits, featuring a combination of innovative features. Let’s explore the captivating qualities that make this glass rig a must-have for any dabbing enthusiast.
    Superior Design and Functionality: The Double Cosmos Clear Glass Dab Rig features a diffused fixed stem design that ensures optimal smoke diffusion for a satisfying hit. The bent neck with a flared mouthpiece provides a comfortable and ergonomic dabbing experience, allowing you to enjoy your sessions with ease.
    Versatile Compatibility: Equipped with a 14mm Male direct inject joint size, this glass rig offers versatile compatibility with a wide range of dabbing accessories. Customize your rig to suit your preferences and elevate your dabbing experience.
    Dual Percs for Enhanced Filtration: Experience superior filtration with the Double Cosmos Clear Glass Dab Rig’s dual perc system. The first perc is an 8Arm perc, delivering excellent filtration and diffusion. The second perc is a 10Arm perc, further enhancing the smoke filtration for exceptionally smooth hits. Enjoy cleaner and purer dab vapor with every session.
    Sturdy 5mm Glass Construction: Crafted from sturdy 5mm thick glass, this rig is built to last. The robust construction ensures durability and resilience, making it a reliable companion for your dabbing sessions. Rest assured that it can withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.
    Clear Glass for a Sleek Look: The Double Cosmos Clear Glass Dab Rig features clear glass construction, providing a sleek and elegant appearance. The transparent design allows you to witness the mesmerizing vapor movement as you take your dabs, adding a visual element to your dabbing sessions.
    Bowl Included for Convenience: The rig comes complete with a bowl, offering convenience and saving you the trouble of searching for compatible accessories. Enjoy a hassle-free dabbing experience with everything you need readily available.
    Optimal Height and Rig Joint Placement: With a height measuring 12 inches from the base to the mouthpiece and a rig joint placed 5 inches above the base, this glass rig strikes a perfect balance between height and functionality. The optimal height ensures smooth smoke diffusion, while the rig joint placement allows for easy access and comfortable use.
    Note: Actual measurements may vary, making each Double Cosmos Clear Glass Dab Rig a unique piece of art. Embrace the beauty of individuality and enhance your dabbing sessions with the remarkable 12″ Double Cosmos Clear Glass Dab Rig.
    12″ Double Cosmos Clear Glass Dab Rig Features:Diffused Fixed Stem design
    Bent neck with a flared mouthpiece
    Direct inject joint size: 14mm Male
    Perc1: 8Arm Perc
    Perc2: 10Arm Perc
    Sturdy 5mm glass
    Clear Glass only
    Bowl Included
    Height from base to mouthpiece: 12″
    Height from base to top of rig joint: 5″
    Actual Measurements May Vary

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