10″ Drain Incycler Reversal Showerhead Dab Rig


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    Embark on a mesmerizing dabbing journey with our 10″ Drain Incycler Reversal Showerhead Dab Rig. Crafted with precision and designed to impress, this rig is perfect for cannabis enthusiasts and glass dab rig connoisseurs who seek both style and functionality.
    The drop stemless design adds a touch of elegance while ensuring a smooth and seamless smoking experience. With its bent neck and flared mouthpiece, this rig offers a comfortable and enjoyable session, allowing you to fully appreciate the flavors and potency of your concentrates.
    Equipped with a recycler connection, this dab rig takes filtration and cooling to new heights. The recycler function creates a captivating visual display while efficiently recycling the water for cleaner and smoother hits.
    Featuring a direct inject joint size of 14mm Female, this rig provides versatility for customization. Add your preferred accessories and attachments to personalize your dabbing setup and enhance your overall experience.
    The shower perc delivers outstanding filtration and diffusion, resulting in velvety smooth rips that showcase the true essence of your concentrates.
    With its mesmerizing wig-wag color reversals, this rig is a true work of art. Each piece features unique color patterns, making it a standout piece in your collection. Please note that the actual color mix may vary, adding to the allure and individuality of each rig.
    To ensure convenience, a bowl is included with the rig, allowing you to dive straight into your dabbing sessions without any hassle.
    Standing at a height of 10″ from the base to the mouthpiece and boasting a base diameter of 4.5″, this rig strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality. It provides stability during your sessions while offering impressive performance.
    Please keep in mind that the actual measurements may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of the product, but rest assured that the quality and functionality are always top-notch.
    Unleash the full potential of your concentrates with our 10″ Drain Incycler Reversal Showerhead Dab Rig. Embrace the captivating aesthetics, smooth hits, and customizable options that cater to your unique tastes. Elevate your dabbing sessions with this exquisite piece that combines artistry and functionality for an unparalleled experience.

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