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    Chronic Candy CBD Chocolate Bars are jam-packed with rich undertones of creamy cocoa butter followed by notes of delicate vanilla. Did we mention this bar is loaded with 100mg of organically extracted hemp CBD. Looking to indulge in a medicated chocolate delight? This is the right treat for you. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Chronic Candy uses CBD as the key ingredient in all of their products. Infusing with a wide range of ingredients can be a challenging task. Several years of R&D have gone into the creation of Chronic Candy products. Working with the purest form of CBD, an isolate that ranges 99% purity. Hemp oil with a high CBD potency used to be how they infused their products. Using hemp oil as the key ingredient proved to be a challenging task, limiting the products & application. CBD isolate is the key ingredient in their new products.The purity is refined thru a cannabinoid isolation process. Creating a final CBD isolate that’s 99% purity with a crystalline texture. The final product is completely free of all THC. Blending the pure CBD isolate with other natural ingredients allows us to create virtually anything. No longer limited by the oily texture & taste of the plant, they use a blend of natural terpenes to create a unique flavor & powerful entourage effect for some of their other products, designed solely to focus on the medicinal benefits of CBD.

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