20mg Sleep Gummies – CBN, D9, Melatonin – Chill Plus (Blackberry, 600mg)

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    If you’re looking for better, deeper sleep, you’ve come to the right place! With our new, 30-count Sleep Gummies containing 20mg of CBN, delta 9, and melatonin each, you’ll sleep like a baby after just one bite!Each gummy contains:15mg of CBN: Known for its benefits in regulating sleep, this non-psychoactive cannabinoid will make you feel sedated and ready for a snooze. At 15mg, CBN will have you ready for bed within 30 minutes.3mg of Delta 9: A buzzy little kick, 3mg of delta 9 will help your mind clear out any worries, stresses, and other bad vibes. This cannabinoid comes into the mix to help you kick back and relax before hitting the sack. Although psychoactive, 3mg of this compound will have you feeling more relaxed than high.2mg of Melatonin: Known as the sleep hormone, 2mg of melatonin gives you the final push you need to enter the dream realm. This compound will have you yawning and yearning for your bed in no time.Your safety is our utmost concern. That’s why all of our products, including our 20mg Sleep Gummies by Chill Plus, are third-party lab tested for safety, purity, and transparency.

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